The Many Advantages Offered By Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops offer many unique advantages and have become one of the most popular types because of the advantages that they offer over many other countertops. These include versatility in design, many available edge styles, toughness, stain resistance, and more. Read on to learn more about the various advantages that quartz countertops offer when compared to other countertop types.

Versatility In Design

Perhaps the most striking advantage that quartz offers over other countertop types is an incredible versatility in design. Quartz countertops can look like either marble or granite, which are two of the most beautiful and popular types of natural stone countertops. Quartz can have veins of sparkling minerals similar to granite, and it may have the elegant white sheen that marble is known for. All quartz countertops are unique because they are made from natural quartz, but quartz does offer a more consistent look than granite.

Quartz Is Tough

Quartz is a very tough material. It can stand up to years of normal wear and tear. It can even take most bangs and scrapes without visible damage. Quartz is much tougher than some other minerals often used for countertops. For example, quartz is much tougher than marble, which tends to get very worn with age. There is a common misconception that quartz is not tough because it is not quite as hard as granite. While this is true, quartz is tougher than every other type of countertop.

Quartz Is Stain-Resistant, Especially When Sealed

Quartz is also very resistant to stains, though there is another misconception that quartz can stain easily. Even when quartz is not sealed, it is resistant to stains as long as the homeowner takes proper care of it. Quartz can be stained by liquids such as coffee and tea, but staining will not occur as long as the spills are cleaned up immediately. Many homeowners choose to get their quartz countertops sealed, which protects the countertop and makes it even more resistant to staining.

High-Quality Quartz Is Heat-Resistant

There seem to be many misconceptions about quartz, including that it burns or melts easily. Again, quartz is not quite as impervious to high temperatures as granite, which is nearly indestructible. However, high-quality quartz countertops are very heat-resistant.

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