Versatile, eye-catching and undeniably irresistible – soft pastel colourways can make any space shine. Given its rising popularity in the coming years, the allure of pastel hues offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. From floors to ceilings and everything in between, pastel-hues marble can elevate spaces and instil a sense of luxury and refinement that is truly awe-inspiring. we explore the features of playful pastel marble hues and how they can transform interior spaces into a sanctuary of timeless elegance.

Michel Angelo

Michel angelo marble is a type of marble that embodies an ageless allure with its vibrant tones, reminiscent of the world’s most exquisite sculptures. With its flawless surface emanating elegance and refinement, this marble can enhance a chic kitchen countertop or bring opulence to a bathroom vanity.The soft hue of the marble creates a sense of brightness and airiness, making rooms feel more spacious and inviting. Additionally, its gentle colouration acts as a versatile backdrop, allowing for effortless coordination with various design elements and furnishings. The Michelangelo marble embodies the pinnacle of grandeur, reminiscent of the world’s most exquisite sculptures. 

Zade Green Onyx

Zade Green Onyx imbues a touch of tranquillity into any space with its soothing green hues inspired by lush landscapes. Just as the verdant forest invokes a sense of calm with its cool and crisp air, Onyx marble’s subtle veining, delicate streaks of white or hints of gold and soothing zade green hues evoke a similar feeling of sober ambience. It captures the essence of the forest’s crispness by infusing the surroundings with a refreshing and revitalising energy, akin to the rejuvenating experience of being enveloped by the lush foliage of a verdant forest. The polished texture of the marble stone brings a cool, refreshing feel to your marble flooring, making it the ultimate choice for creating a serene escape from the heat.


Pink Multicolor Onyx

Reminiscent of delicate blossoms, Pink Multicolor Onyx layers the interiors with a soft blush. It weaves seamlessly into interior spaces, whether adorning a kitchen island or framing a fireplace. When used in interior design, the marble reflects light in a softer and more diffused manner compared to bold, saturated colours, which helps create a sense of harmony and balance within the environment, promoting a feeling of comfort and ease. The Onyx marble further enhances the aesthetic appeal of a space. It adds value in terms of durability, longevity, and elegance. With its polished finish and muted tones, the marble is a true gem of nature, enhancing a space with its understated glamour and enduring allure.


Calcite Blue Marble

Calcite Blue marble brings a serene touch to any space with its sky-inspired hues. Its gentle veining, with hints of white and occasional flecks of gold or grey, creates a soothing surface that whispers grace and harmony. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this marble contributes to a freshening environment, evoking a sense of calm and rejuvenation. Whether a statement countertop or a charming accent piece, this marble’s polished texture adds a cool feel to any room, making it perfect for elevating the interior environment with endless elegance.


Each marble adds its own distinct character and aesthetic appeal, enriching the interiors. By celebrating the beauty of the unexpected, these muted and mellow pastel hues of marble can craft comforting and rejuvenating spaces that resonate with a harmonious natural environment.

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